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Collagen Powder

Bring out your inner beauty with NeoCell's bestselling collagen powders for healthy skin, hair and nails.* 

  1. Best Seller

    NeoCell Super Collagen Peptides Unflavored
    Super Collagen Peptides
    Collagen for Inner Strength and Outer Radiance*
  2. Best Seller

    Front of packaging
    Super Collagen Peptides Powder
    Top Selling Collagen Powder
    From $14.99
  3. Best Seller

    front of package
    Super Collagen Plus with Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid Powder
    3-in-1 Collagen, Vitamin C & HA Powder
    From $22.99
  4. NeoCell Marine Collagen with Beauty Blend - front of package
    Marine Collagen with Beauty Blend
    Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, MSM, & Vitamin C
  5. NeoCell Super Collagen Powder With Aloe - front of package
    Super Collagen Powder With Aloe
    Collagen Types 1 & 3 With Aloe for Healthy Skin*
  6. Vegan Beauty Builder Collagen Alternative Powder - front of package
    Vegan Beauty Builder
    A Vegan Alternative to Collagen Powder
  7. NeoCell Super Collagen Peptides stick pack - 20 count - front of packaging
    Super Collagen Peptides Powder Stick Packs
    Quality Collagen Powder to Go
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Does collagen powder work?

Collagen is a protein naturally made by the body and the main structural component of connective tissue. It gives strength and elasticity to your skin, hair, nails, joints, tendons, ligaments and more. Yet as you age, collagen formation in your body starts to slow down. It’s possible to get extra collagen from animal based-foods (think beef, bone broth, chicken and fish), but the amount of collagen they provide isn’t always consistent.

That’s where readily absorbable hydrolyzed collagen supplements come in. Taking collagen powder or collagen tablets regularly helps promote healthy collagen production in your body. That in turn helps support healthy skin, hair, nails and joints.*

Is collagen powder good for you? 

By promoting your body’s own collagen production, which declines as you age, collagen powder benefits your overall wellness in a variety of ways. Research shows that taking a hydrolyzed collagen powder helps provide your body with some of the building blocks it needs to keep making collagen and other important proteins like keratin. When your body can keep making the collagen it needs, that helps support beautiful, radiant-looking skin and healthy hair, nails and joints.*

Is collagen powder better than liquid?

Most collagen supplements start with a base of types 1 & 3 collagen peptides to help give your body the critical building blocks it needs for healthy collagen formation. At NeoCell, from this foundation, we’ve formulated a range of different products (including both powders and liquids) to help you get your daily collagen in a way that best fits your lifestyle. 

Collagen powder isn’t better or worse than collagen liquid—it’s just a different form. It’s all about your preference. Whether you’d rather mix collagen powder into your coffee or tea or sip liquid collagen straight from the spoon, taking high-quality hydrolyzed collagen regularly helps support healthy skin, hair, nails and joints.*

What is the best collagen powder?

There’s no one best collagen powder, but we always recommend looking for supplements made with easy-to-absorb hydrolyzed collagen. Hydrolyzed collagen is just collagen that’s been broken down into tiny bits called peptides. The small size makes them easy for your body to absorb. When you’re shopping for supplements, the terms “hydrolyzed collagen,” “collagen peptides” and “collagen peptides powder” on product labels are all different terms for the same thing.

Another thing to look at is the type or types of collagen included. Collagen types 1, 2 and 3 are the most common in supplements. Collagen types 1 and 3 offer beauty-related benefits. Type 1 supports skin, hair, nails and joints, while type 3 helps support skin health and radiance. Type 2 is prevalent in cartilage and helps support joint health.

The same recommendations apply whether you’re looking for the best collagen powder for women or men or an alternative to collagen powder, like collagen chewables.*

How to take collagen powder?

To help promote collagen production throughout the body, we suggest making collagen powder part of your daily routine. The good news is that it’s super easy to take. Just mix your daily serving thoroughly into any hot or cold beverage or soup, smoothies or oatmeal. Even better, it’ll dissolve quickly. Enjoy, and that’s it—you’ve done your part to support radiant skin and healthy hair, nails and joints.*

What does collagen powder do?

Collagen powder supplements are an easy way to help take care of your body from head to toe. As the most abundant—and arguably most important—protein in the human body, collagen is a key structural component of skin, bones, joints, muscles, hair, and nails. 

Unfortunately, our body’s natural collagen production starts to taper off over time, causing our skin to lose elasticity. As we age, collagen depletion can lead to common signs of aging in the skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones (like wrinkles and sagging skin). Getting additional collagen from dietary supplements like collagen gummies and powders helps provide your body with what it needs to keep making collagen. 

When your body has the collagen it needs, that helps support healthy skin, hair, nails and joints.*

What is collagen powder?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body by weight. Its main job is giving structure and strength to tissues throughout the body. Collagen powder, also known as collagen peptides, is simply broken-down (or hydrolyzed) protein from animal collagen. It can be dissolved in hot or cold liquids and then easily absorbed by the digestive system.

The majority of collagen supplements are labeled as either collagen peptides, collagen peptides powder or hydrolyzed collagen. These are interchangeable terms and just mean that the collagen is hydrolyzed into smaller amino acids that are more readily absorbable. (While there’s no single best collagen powder, we suggest choosing supplements made with easy-to-absorb hydrolyzed collagen.) 

Normal collagen production declines with age, and collagen powder benefits the body by supporting healthy collagen formation from head to toe.* 

What is collagen powder made of?

Collagen is the primary structural protein in all animals (including humans), where it resides in skin, tissues, bones, tendons, ligaments and cartilage. Some foods that are naturally high in collagen include bone broth, beef, egg yolks, chicken and fish.

Collagen powder found in dietary supplements is made from animal tissues, including the skin and bones of cattle (bovine collagen) and fish scales (marine collagen). These animal proteins are then broken down—or hydrolyzed—into smaller bits to form collagen powder. 

The main sources for collagen types 1 and 3 are bovine (beef), and for collagen type 1 is from fish (marine). Collagen type 2 is usually sourced from chicken. NeoCell Super Collagen Peptides, our bestselling collagen powder, has just one ingredient: hydrolyzed bovine collagen types 1 and 3.* 

What do I mix collagen powder with?

Most collagen powder, including our Super Collagen Peptides, is unflavored and odorless. You can mix it into water, coffee, tea, your favorite smoothie, soup, oatmeal or any liquid, hot or cold. Mix it thoroughly until it’s fully dissolved—it won’t alter the texture or taste.

You can also try adding collagen peptides powder into other foods, including sauces and baked goods. (We love these easy cookie dough collagen energy balls.)*

How do I drink collagen powder?

There are so many ways to drink collagen powder. It dissolves easily into any hot or cold beverage or liquid. Try mixing it into coffee, water, tea, milk (dairy or plant-based), smoothies and soups.

Does collagen powder have protein?

Collagen itself is technically a protein. It occurs naturally in animal bodies and is made up of amino acids, primarily proline, glycine and hydroxyproline. Yet unlike traditional animal- or plant-based protein powders, collagen powder does not contain complete proteins. 

That’s the main difference between conventional protein powders and collagen powders—they have different amino acid profiles. Conventional protein powders tend to contain branched-chain amino acids, namely leucine, valine and isoleucine.

The two provide different benefits, too. Many protein powders are formulated to promote muscle gain. Hydrolyzed collagen peptides on the other hand help promote the body's natural production of collagen and support healthy skin, hair, nails and joints.*

How do I mix collagen powder without clumping?

NeoCell collagen powder is formulated to dissolve quickly and completely in both hot and cold liquids without clumps. All you need is a spoon to mix your daily serving into water, coffee, tea or any beverage—just thoroughly stir in the powder until it’s fully dissolved.

If you’re making a smoothie, you can put collagen powder in with the rest of the ingredients and the blender will take care of the mixing. You can also use a shaker bottle if you like. 

What’s better—collagen powder or collagen pills?

These days, there are more collagen supplements than ever to choose from. Navigating the variety of options can feel overwhelming. If you’re torn between collagen powders and collagen capsules, or tablets, don’t overthink it: just go with your preference. 

Regardless of whether they come in powder, pill or liquid form, most collagen supplements have similar ingredients. What varies from supplement to supplement is the type of collagen, the dosage and additional ingredients. We always recommend consulting with your doctor before taking any new supplement, and they can help you find the right collagen supplement and form that’ll best fit your wellness goals and lifestyle.

Collagen powders are versatile and easy to take. You simply mix your daily serving into water, coffee, tea, smoothies or oatmeal. On the other hand, collagen pills, capsules or tablets are convenient to take anywhere and ideal for travel.*

Can I mix collagen powder with milk?

Yes. You can mix collagen powder into any type of milk including dairy milk, almond milk, cashew milk or coconut milk. If you’re trying to find the best collagen powder to combine with your milk of choice, you can’t go wrong with hydrolyzed collagen. Because hydrolyzed collagen is broken down into tiny bits, it dissolves more easily. For example, NeoCell hydrolyzed collagen powders dissolve fully into any liquid, hot or cold.*

Is collagen powder safe during pregnancy?

Our products are all guaranteed to be safe and effective when used as directed. However, we strongly encourage customers to consult with their doctor for guidance before taking collagen or other supplements during pregnancy. They’ll be able to indicate whether or not any given supplement is safe to take when you’re expecting.