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Babies and Children also Benefit from Probiotics

Babies and Children also Benefit from Probiotics
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We know babies get their first dose of beneficial bacteria from their mothers, and as they grow older children develop their own unique collection of gut microbes that play an important role in their overall well-being.

Up to 70 percent of our natural immune system support can be found in the digestive tract. There, good bacteria called probiotics work to support a balanced environment, but kids are exposed to daily challenges that may occasionally upset that balance and affect healthy digestion and immunity. Probiotic supplementsare a safe and gentle way to help replenish good bacteria in the digestive tract and support ongoing health.*

3 Key Benefits of Probiotics for Kids
Children can get additional beneficial bacteria through their diet or by taking a daily probiotic supplement. Keep in mind that different probiotic strains can provide a variety of benefits, including those listed below. Consult the individual product label for information about specific product benefits.

  1. Healthy Immune Function. Added beneficial bacteria can support a healthy digestive balance and help teach the immune system to respond appropriately to outside challenges.*
  2. Regular Bowel Movements. Regular elimination needs a healthy balance of good bacteria in the gut. A number of daily probiotics have been shown to help support that balance, which in turn promotes regularity and helps prevent the occasional upset tummy.*
  3. Healthy Digestion. In addition to producing vitamins—including important B vitamins—a number of probiotics produce digestive enzymes and support regular, balanced digestion.*