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The Ultimate Flora Probiotics You Love Are Still Here… Just with a New Name

The Ultimate Flora Probiotics You Love Are Still Here… Just with a New Name
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Twenty-five years ago, Renew Life was born when our founder had her own gut issues. She struggled to find answers to her questions and the right products for her needs. So, she teamed up with scientists and digestive health experts to create Ultimate Flora probiotic supplements.

Since then, Renew Life Ultimate Flora probiotics have helped countless other women find support for their digestive health needs and rise to their full potential. It’s a legacy we truly believe in and work tirelessly to advance: gut health as the foundation to wellness.

How do we bring this legacy to life day-to-day and year after year? With a science-backed approach to probiotics and an unwavering commitment to quality in everything we do. At Renew Life, we focus on science and clinically-tested ingredients that offer trusted efficacy. With every product, we meticulously select multiple probiotic strains that are proven to work and can deliver a difference you can feel. And our quality, purity and potency are always guaranteed.  

Life is Complicated. Your Probiotic Doesn’t Have to Be.


We do the hard work to make feeling good as easy as possible for you. In this same spirit, we’ve decided to simplify our products by removing “Ultimate Flora” from their names. Our growing customer community has come to know and count on Renew Life to support their digestive health and vitality. (It’s the reason we’re the makers of the #1 Women’s Probiotic*!) Our streamlined name will make it that much easier for fans to find and use the products they love. Win-win.